[Special] 휘인 (Whee In) - 봄이 너에게 (Springtime)


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    [Special] 휘인 (Whee In) - 봄이 너에게 (Springtime)

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    1. Jenn Villegas

      I didn't notice that there are subs

    2. 사마의

      초록색이 세상에서 제일 잘 어울리는 여자 1위. 상큼하다 증말

    3. 사마의

      아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 휘인아 이 행복감을 말로 표현할 수가 없어요.... 노래가 뭐이리 사랑스럽고 감미로운지ㅠㅠ

    4. Reg Delos Santos

      This is like a warm hug. Thank you Wheein! ❤️

    5. sha 27

      Cute 💓💓💓💓💓💓 Thank u wheeiny 🥺💓💓💕💓 we love u 💕💕💕💕

    6. Yuzuki Chouko


    7. bany O


    8. Dora Garcia

      thanks for the subs!

    9. unknown person

      this song really has a warm message to moomoos

    10. Karol G


    11. Camille glsn

      This song is my favorite

    12. moo moo

      Gracias Wheein por tanto arte con su voz y gracias a Mamamoo latino por traducirlo en español ;)

    13. Hayukk Bang

      Yeayy subtitle Indonesia thanks rbw😭😭❤️🔥🔥


      Her voiceeeeeeeee

    15. LeeleeG

      Omgoodness that made my ❤️ happy! Just pure lovely...🌸🦋☀️

    16. Hani

      Im convinced that wheein giving all of these contents to us so that we have something to watch when she's inactive or resting. I already missed her :')

    17. чуив

      best vocals .

    18. чуив

      and you love wheein too-

    19. vikram sathe


    20. Mamamoo queens

      Ella es muy dulce

    21. Mirian Vargas

      Con solo saber que está canción nos dedicó Wheein ...awwww ella es la mejor :'3 hay que darle el apoyo que merece Moomoos n.n

    22. Moomoo Gaga


    23. imyoongisexual !

      she is gorgeous

    24. Yuzuki Chouko

      I have never thought in my life that someone would sing "I'll be by your side" to me. Thank you Wheein!

      1. Hulya Cruz

        sweet words from Wheein

    25. Hulya Cruz

      i'm here again to enjoy this great song

    26. Purple Flower

      I really like this version 💖

      1. Hulya Cruz

        me too!

    27. Hulya Cruz

      can't get enough of this song

    28. Hulya Cruz

      i won't get tired listening to this great song

    29. Hulya Cruz

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful song, Wheein!

    30. 유튜브시청자

      좋아요 싫어요 비율이 100:1 이면 진짜 좋은 영상인데 1000:1에 가까운 건 처음보네

    31. 이진현

      영어제목좀 어떻게 했으면

    32. 유경

      음색 미쳤어 진짜 ,, 사랑해 언니

    33. Hulya Cruz

      i keep coming back here

    34. Diana Bravo

      No puedo creer que tenga tan pocas vistas :( pero vamos demosle mas amor

    35. carmen lita

      the ending hahaha omg love her

      1. Hulya Cruz

        she's so funny!

    36. sinthiafs

      Imagine if Wheein had chosen to be a visual artist instead of singer! We wouldn't be enjoying this angelic voice now! *.*

    37. MoonStar

      Ugh moos are so lucky to stan a groups that gives them so much content


      I'm so happy I have so many clips to come back to

    39. dari alcala

      I lovee

    40. dari alcala

      Handsome CUTE

    41. dari alcala

      She can be beautiful and hansdsome at the same time

    42. dari alcala

      Wheein: Soy la escencia de tu primavera, y tú eres la escencia de mi vida. Dios mío Whee in me derrito de amor

    43. Rihanna Skeen

      How many international fans are here

    44. blueberries

      you are too is the scent of my springtime 🥰

    45. Wheein Queen

      Es simplemente hermoso

    46. Wheein Queen

      Cuando susurra, q es para moomoos dice , yo 😭

    47. Wheein Queen

      Easy y springtime versión acústica son tan necesarias en spotify

    48. darianny alcala

      i loveee

    49. darianny alcala

      wheein Canta como un angel

    50. darianny alcala

      your voice is so beautiful

    51. Dream.

      Our beautiful angel wheeinie😭

    52. Andrea Florenza

      NOT EVEN 100K VIEWS?? HOW? WHAT? This acoustic version sounds so heavenly

    53. zlion829

      A little fact I found reading about the mini album “I’ve really wanted to write a song about my pet cat and one for my fans, and am happy that both songs are included in this [mini-album].” -Solar in an interview/article (I found it in an article but I cant seem to find the video/interview yet) Ggomo had OHOO and thr MooMoos have well Springtime!

    54. x m


    55. H

      Angelic 😍

    56. Chris Santha Pagsiat



      Que HERMOSO canta

    58. Anais n

      I still don't get how this can be better than the studio version 😭😭😭 Ace of kpop things i guess

    59. Emily Germo

      AHHHHHHHHHH love the song. Wheein the real angel

    60. Deborah F


    61. priscilatheplanet

      K love this so much

    62. Sky

      merci beaucoup wheein je suis ressourcé grâce à toi

    63. andrea fajardo

      honestly she sounds like a mermaid

    64. andrea fajardo

      I love that she just decided to be a goddess

    65. IKE MLBV


    66. Jenn Villegas

      My fave song in the album!

    67. Selena Limon

      Best girl wheein!!

    68. Selena Limon

      Moomoos love you

    69. Selena Limon

      Voice of an angel

    70. Selena Limon

      Thank you wheein for everything

    71. bany O

      My Spring 💖

    72. Mila Phantom

      Beautiful voice

    73. Jessica Duran

      Beautiful girl and voice

    74. Yessy S


    75. Namrata Chandra

      I just noticed that some people are trying to spam REDD videos on this channel. I wouldn't be surprised if they are Blinks. Not the first time.

    76. jelaitissimo belissimo

      I feel bad. Im sorry my love :(

    77. 이슬아

      한국인 없습니까?ㅋㅋ 한글 찾다가 이노래 다들어버림...노래조아☺️

    78. moajon `

      she is so lovely

    79. Hani

      It really feel like she welcoming me to a heaven

    80. Ela Kaygusuz


    81. Ela Kaygusuz


    82. Jonalyn Casabuena

      wheeinshiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaah

    83. The Sage

      Lucky for dutch moos... it got dutch subs.

    84. gaby lara

      Wheein cute 🤩🤩🤩😍💙

    85. Sikh Shayan Yassaie

      안녕하세요, 체육관에서 농구를 해요 🏀 (バスケットボール🏀) (Shayan Yassaie, 篮球.)


      Beautiful, the visuals and the voice is perfection. Guess I’ll get into Mamamoo now.

    87. wheeinderful voice

      im melting down

    88. wheeinderful voice

      우리는 네가 자랑스러워요

    89. Aleona Seriel Buatis

      Jung Wheein, saranghanuuu

    90. Aleona Seriel Buatis

      wheein bat ganyan yung boses mo? alam mo bang sobrang blessed mo sa lahat? (except sa height) sana all Jung Wheein

    91. 林有福


    92. 陈昀妃

      사랑해요 휘인언니 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    93. findme.

      this is for us, moomoo!!



    95. Andrea Arnaiz

      I hate hwasa 니가 너를 만든 그룹을 떠났어 상관 없어 eh, 너는 kpop 아이돌이 될 자격이없는 너를 떠났다. 넌 애기 고 바람둥이이기 때문에, 부러워하고, Pahot 그리고 너는 남자들을 끌어 들인다! 카를 떠날 필요가 없습니다 I hate hwasa niga neoleul mandeun geulub-eul tteonass-eo sang-gwan eobs-eo eh, neoneun kpop aidol-i doel jagyeog-ieobsneun neoleul tteonassda. neon aegi go balamdung-iigi ttaemun-e, buleowohago, Pahot geuligo neoneun namjadeul-eul kkeul-eo deul-inda! kaleul tteonal pil-yoga eobs-seubnida I HATE YOU!!

    96. Andrea Arnaiz

      공연도, 춤도, 노래도 하지마, 인터넷에도 나오지 마, 못 생겼던 kpop 아이돌, 특히 화사 가장 싫어하는 마마 무 멤버 가장 싫어하는 사람, 다나 화사 막 다녀 왔어 엑소 백현이 아닌 밀리터리, 마마 무는 최고의 kpop goup, 해체 할 필요가 없습니다. gong-yeondo, chumdo, nolaedo hajima, inteones-edo naoji ma, mos saeng-gyeossdeon kpop aidol, teughi hwasa gajang silh-eohaneun mama mu membeo gajang silh-eohaneun salam, dana hwasa mag danyeo wass-eo egso baeghyeon-i anin milliteoli, mama muneun choegoui kpop goup, haeche hal pil-yoga eobs-seubnida.

    97. 尹迁


    98. Stan mamamoo

      Crying twerking

    99. Ronna Faye Mahinay


    100. mella

      You're the sent of my life wheeini 💚 thank you for making beautiful art