[Special] 문별 & 범키 - The Lady Recording Making Film


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    [Special] 문별 & 범키 - The Lady Recording Making Film

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    1. 박형철

      정말 문별양 다재다능합니다.

    2. Ali hernandez.c

      No me digan q soy la unica q abla español aq❤️❤️❤️❣️

    3. Chaima Chaima

      العرب يلي جايين من اللينك تبع الفيسبوك😹😹

    4. serene leigh

      love this

    5. Mi a

      Support Moonstar! Let us support them all but let us also please support her next comeback fully. A lot of people are sleeping on her, especially moos who only likes their other faves. Please, Mamamoo is a group. Let us not fail other member's solos also. Thankyou! For now, let us support our Wheepup!

    6. Uma Linares

      ¿Por que mamamoo se separa?

    7. Maggot


    8. Maggot


    9. murdiaty 0505

      I really don't understand Korean brother 😭😭😭. But I really really like her, mamamoo is the thing that really makes me happy. I beg you to use automatic sub indo brother ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️❤️🙏

    10. That Insane Soul

      Good luck 👍

    11. Borella

      Pls put eng subs

    12. Aurore B.

      I love the song a lot!

    13. Alexis Jung

      This song is so sweet

    14. Sunny Rose

      I'm glad she got this opportunity, you did good!

    15. Secret beauty

      I had a dream, the sun was shining at night, and my mother was saying that there will be an earthquake tomorrow morning and there was an earthquake in Greece just before, then there was an earthquake in Çanakkale forty minutes later and I live in Istanbul, I am very scared.

    16. Steff noOo0

      They should put subtitles for the international fans!

    17. cheflia5555


    18. Caracas Sharmaine

      Whats thiiiisss byulieeee 🥺💕

    19. Moonstar

      Moonbyul mi felicidad te la debo a ti, muchas gracias por aparecer en mi vida, ame The lady!!!! < 3

    20. Zen Oh

      I love her unique rapping style and definitely she proved that she can be vocalist too. Hopefully she would find her own style to combine both rapping and singing in her own unique way, her own comfortable style that brings out the shine in her. Hwaiting Moonstar!!

    21. Jayet Ng

      Are we going to get more Hwasa’s video soon?

    22. Kpopper oficial YouTube Channel


    23. LAMEES


    24. ignacia parra

      dance very cute the wheein is beautiful i am her momo she is my favorite member

    25. Emira Elsıveyt


    26. Marília Martins

      The result was incredible, congratulations Moonstar and Bumkey 🥰

    27. Naya Ne

      Please give us 🙏live version🙏

    28. Sunii Kim

      Moonbyul Queen !!!!

    29. Nadine CC

      Moonbyul ssi 😍 🙌 amo tu voz

    30. Nadine CC

      Que le cuesta a RBW colocar subs en inglés?! 😤

    31. Borella

      What about eng subs?

    32. 김종수

      마마무 문별누나 어저께 백지영누나랑 라이브방송했던거 기억나시죠?그때 제가 채팅 쳤어요 너무나 좋아서 우리 만났으면 좋겠다고 저는 연예인이 되고싶어 최선을 다해 열심히 할것입니다❤️❤️진짜로 여러분들을 만나고싶어요 사랑해요 저도 꼭 배우 윤민우가 되도록 노력하겠습니다 감사합니다!! 배우를 꿈꾸는 윤민우올림!

    33. • Anne Army •

      I loved the song and see the backstage, congratulations on your beautiful work! I love you Byul, my lady!👏🏻🥰💁🏻‍♀️💙🎶✨

    34. JUST K-MORE

      everything is good 💚

    35. duk6046

      왜 잘어울리지 ㅋ 훈훈한 투샷

    36. M N

      The lady is a great song, harmonies were amazing, vocalist byul did great, thank you bumkey

    37. 승엽오빠

      범키 개설레게 생겼네

    38. Citra Kumala

      Please invite Bumkey to the Studio Moon Night and sing live "The Lady" with Moonbyul. That's would be awesome...

    39. Luana Vaciloto

      unnie we're so proud of you, you're doing great ♡

    40. Ambar Ayu

      Moonbyul eonni looks so pretty here 😍

    41. ꕤ wheeinie ꕤ

      the lady is such a good song

    42. 《 Alex 》

      아 심장떨려

    43. ASFI WITH kpop

      She looks more handsome than bumkey 👁️👄👁️ sorry bumkey oppa moonbyul oppa is more- u know 🌚🌚 *****No hate*****

      1. CK meh

        Moonbyul isn't an oppa though and apparently doesn't like to be called that

    44. ASFI WITH kpop

      They look soo cute together 😻 🗣️NO SHIPPING 🗣️

    45. sunny_hill

      Mooneybuyl is perfect

    46. Mary M

      Now I need to hear Moonbyul my love, live

    47. Amir abbas Abdoli


    48. Chuu 4646

      Love you ❤

    49. 껍데기

      리메이크 된 노래도 너무 좋고 두 분 목소리도 너무 좋고 잘 어울려요 엉엉😭 맑은 햇살이 머리에 비칠 때마다 듣고 싶을 노래,,🏵



    51. Lashley G.

      Hope people can see byul's awesome vocals through this song. Stop sleeping on byul's vocals

    52. Ryukosaur

      Moonbyul cantando... de lo mejor, más vocales de Moonstar por favor!

    53. Chi Nguyễn

      Moomoo Vietnam's

    54. Chi Nguyễn

      Moonbyul rap cool and so good

    55. Steph Beee

      Yeahhh! Byulie go go go!

    56. WayWithWords

      Thank you for the chance for letting us see her sing in a collab. She deserves to sing more. She's a great and brilliant rapper but she's also a good singer.

    57. Areku Scarlet

      Moonbyul 💙💙💙

    58. Kimberly Tran

      check out her collab moos! byul’s vocals are so good

    59. Zatória Brazil


    60. Karyl Balmatero

      We need english subs more than the koreannnn

    61. Graciela Vásquez

      Que linda moonbyul

    62. Kristal S

      Moonbyul te amo❤ Ella es una mujer realmente trabajadora y se esfuerza por lograr sus metas. Eso me inspira

    63. I don't know what to do with my life

      Are we getting vocalist Moonbyul this comeback?? I demand vocalist Moon for this comeback! PLEASE

    64. 맘무충전소

      지금도 본다❤️❤️❤️ 맘모닝😘😘😁😁

    65. banana babibel

      It's just me or she really glow up . She was already perfect but i have this impress that she level up :"))

    66. newbie moomoo

      Moonbyul grew up so fine

    67. Clauz Z

      I don't understand anything but I agree with everything they say lol

    68. Karen sofia Quinto cuesta


    69. JuLee Moo

      Moonbyul gets pretty day by day. Her side profile while recording is soooo pleasing to the eyes. Her nose tho.

    70. Mila Phantom

      Moonbyul is so talented

    71. Viviane Karina


    72. 림이나

      별아 너의 모든 것을 애정해❣️

    73. 눈

      my angel

    74. Joon Min

      I really love the voice of Moonbyul and Bumkey, I really liked your collaboration... ♡

    75. Book Lover12

      I wish there was English subtitles so I can understand what they are saying. This isn't the first time MAMAMOO collaborated with Bumkey (red & white jacket, red hat). Their first collaboration which was during the year they debuted (debut was in 2014) was with Bumkey. Moonbyul can sing and rap so well. All of the MAMAMOO members are great at singing.

    76. Wessal

      you did a great job moonbyul love you

    77. Wessal

      i love this song

    78. Valentina Gabriela

      I love mamamoo 💖💖💖💖

    79. Ajux

      love you ❤️ can't wait for the song!

    80. Hasnain Khan


    81. Paola Lisseth Borrero Castro


    82. Elisa Andrea

      Love this version

    83. *_*혜나

      문별언니 화이팅하시구여 문별언니 항상 예뿌요

    84. Elisa Andrea

      Moonbyul is a diamond that always shines

    85. MERRY MİA


    86. Vicky Alvarez

      La canción es tan hermosa

    87. wearemamamoo


    88. Dyah Retno

      I need Subtitle please 😭 i can't understand what they're say, but i keep watching this 😂

    89. Iasmin Mattos

      ai byul eu te amo tanto

    90. ItsmeAlyaSyafiqah


    91. Anai Inés Ramírez

      I LOVE YOU Moom, sin duda siempre entregando lo mejor de ella ❤️

    92. For While

      Byulyi unnie, you did great! 🤍 please sing more in the future!

    93. halcyon

      So proud of moonstar she works so hard love you

    94. halcyon

      Moomoos let's stream the song please 2 million

    95. KIM - L-ONA MOMO

      ♥♥♥♥♥♥ monbyulida

    96. Priscila Ríos Buttussi

      Wtf everyone: Moonbyul fan 👇 Why????👁👄👁

    97. wheeindimple

      I love this song so much, thank you for this masterpiece♥

    98. Jimena Perez

      Moon baby, siendo la cosa más tierna y linda del mundo, aparte de talentosa claramente

    99. Rose Rodel

      I really like this song, because shows us that Byul is a versatile artist and she can pull different things and styles, she is a complete artist, is good to see her do different things, makes me happy to see it

    100. amelie