[MMMTV7] EP3 휘인이는 다 잘 어울려


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    [MMMTV7] EP3 휘인이는 다 잘 어울려

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    1. 사마의

      휘인이는 단발이 최고라고 생각했는데 긴생머리 보니까 극락이네 ㅠㅠ 사랑해용ㅇㅇ

    2. Virna Costa Santos

      Ela é tão engraçada kkkkkkkkk

    3. Angelica A.

      I'm a Moonbyul biased but Jung Wheein is making me wreckeeeeeeedd

    4. Silvio Araujo

      te amo!

    5. Fati Nava

      Wheein so cuteeee love her so muuuch, and thanks for the hard work!!

    6. Shou Vk

      Wheein Queen😘😘

    7. GalisGeulis

      Wheein so cute :)

    8. Aiu

      the ace of kpop

    9. Jazmin De Guzman

      1:17 Hahahahha~\(≧▽≦)/~

    10. choo choo

      I love how supportive and kind the staff members are, mamamoo deserves them

    11. choo choo

      2:52, the editing thoughh!!! it made wheein look even more beautiful

    12. cci

      She's so cute omj and i love how the staff is cheering her on

    13. Fernanda

      Be a queen but make it cute. 😆💙

    14. Reeves Stark

      im smiling ear to ear seeing wheein so shyyyyyy for the first timeee omagaaaa she is tooo cute i cant handle it

    15. Rihanna Skeen

      How many international fans are here

    16. Nayltm 6v6


    17. KING케이

      사랑하누 레드휜

    18. mama moo

      cant stop staring at her beautiful face omg jung wheein

    19. amari

      i cannot get over she has tattoos over her arms

    20. duk6046

      바디수트 부족함이 전혀 없어보이는데 혼자민망 ㅋㅋ 역대급 장면 뽑은듯 ㅋ

    21. Pup_inthemood

      I love how shy she is.. super cute

    22. e ë


    23. Sarah Jones

      shy wheein when 70% covered: i feel so naked also wheein when only covered 50%: * goes ahead and drives the whole fandom crazy*

    24. indee mood

      "Wheein : always hungry during shoot" While Me : ALWAYS hungry every second T^T

    25. Champa Nembang

      Why she's so cute❤️

    26. PROLGBT_ExMuslim :]

      She is so precious!

    27. eileenwhooo

      wheeinie so cute

    28. Kae Lawa-an

      Wheein is so pretty

    29. Meme melani

      She’s so adorable really

    30. Silia alg

      That's one messy period.. 🙄😂

    31. Wolf knight

      She is absolutely stunning

    32. Fa Ty

      Wheein: 2:04 I feel Naked Also wheein: proceed to make topples in Single magazine

    33. WhiteShadow0708

      How can Wheein be so cute?? She’s literally everyone’s baby 🥺 Even the staffs also treat her like a baby uwu

    34. geekdiggy

      seeing how cute she looks in paint splatter makes me think she'd be great in a horror or thriller film, right?

    35. Zoo Ha

      스태프 마음 = 내 마음 정휘인 너무 귀엽고 예쁘고 분위기 쩐다😍

    36. Jazmín T.


    37. francesxcz

      i'm internally supporting her the whole time i was watching the vid!!

    38. father time

      Jung Wheein: I feel naked Also Jung Wheein: Does top less shoot for Singles magazine.

    39. Hadassah


    40. Ruelin Peña


    41. 나는 무 농장에있다Want sum!

      싱글 매거진의 비하인드 스토리...pls🙏🙏🤲🤲🤲

    42. 나는 무 농장에있다Want sum!

      Can v have behind the scenes of singles magazine plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss mamamu tv unnie!!

    43. heidstuff

      This photoshoot prepared Wheein for the Singles photoshoot 🤣🤣🤣

    44. I'm 진쑤초이

      언니 갠차나여 발레하면 그러고 밖에 돌아다님니다..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    45. itsmenob2x

      Hi! Wheein i hope you enjoyed the process in making your album and the promotions. Keep doing what you love. We will always support you!

    46. nix t

      The way I love Jung Wheein so much

    47. Nevin Andino

      Amoooo u_u

    48. Ava Leah

      subtitle in a youtube video "everyone close ur eyes our Wheein is shy" aww

    49. Maro Moomoo

      Ahh she was so shy wearing that bodysuit... Then how about her singles photoshoot??

    50. mimaaa

      0:39 making wheein laugh is so easy 🤣

    51. Ie Soul Kim

      Wheeniee ternurita sos tan bella

    52. BAnANA IcE crEaM LoRL dijo la Solar

      Wheein, hola. Me enamoré de vos 💜

    53. Gayle

      The visuals omg

    54. zino__7__bts

      my hearts

    55. zino__7__bts


    56. zino__7__bts


    57. zino__7__bts


    58. zino__7__bts

      love you

    59. zino__7__bts


    60. Lalruatkimi

      . ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ . ❤ Protect ❤ ❤ Wheein ❤ . ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .

    61. Lalruatkimi

      You can understand that Wheein loves baggy and oversized outfits but she's not afraid to try out new styles this is the example of real dedication i love you so much Wheein ah~♡

    62. Lalruatkimi

      We should protect this baby at all costs🥺💙

    63. Lalruatkimi


    64. Lalruatkimi

      So you're telling me this is the stunning women from the recent Singles magazine cover damn Wheein really is the Ace of Aces

    65. wheenuggets

      4:24 “wheein won the battle between wheein” 😭 plss

    66. Henny Wulandari

      As introvert I can feel the embarrasment, shy and awkward inthis phosothoot. Even the cheer make it worst. Aaaa... But damnn, she can handle and even nailed 👍🏼🔥🔥🔥

    67. 용맹이

      사랑합니다 맘팁언니와 스탭분들 늘 감사해여🧡

    68. 용맹이

      사랑하는 우리 천재

    69. Amornrat Khamsuttha

      ทำไมน่ารัก จนใจเจ็บเลยยย

    70. Wheeinie Wheepup

      She was so shy about the white body suit so I can't really imagine the bts of her topless singles magazine shoot.

    71. Lyn rah

      2:05 Wheein: "I feel naked" Hm so gurl how'd ya feel after your Singles mag photoshoot?..

    72. fernanda nascimento

      -w- ahh whee-in~~ é tão fofo ela tentando se esconder ksksk

    73. mmim


    74. yuwennn


    75. Wheein's Back Mole


    76. hexaprawns

      Wheein: "This is the most difficult shoot i've done" >///< Also Wheein: Topless shoot in the Singles Mag

    77. 김정연

      _Very Cute_

    78. 김정연

      *어떻게 입는 옷마다 다 예쁘냐*

    79. Charishma Herschal

      Conclusion: Wheein is everyone's baby

    80. Aneena Sin

      What this video tells me is that everyone loves Wheein as much as I do 🥺

    81. Rose Regalado

      Thank you for the English Subs!!!

    82. RedRose Bonganay

      She gets more cuter when she's shy...hehehehe.. Hwaiting!!! Wheepup!!😘 You're Beautiful 😊

    83. Twilight

      Loving the barage of compliments from the staff haha. The album and photo book is amazing!

    84. Listless Radish

      I don't know who Jung Wheein is, I only know Jung Wheeinie 😂😂

    85. Listless Radish

      Wheein is just adorable, my face hurts from smiling to much 😂

    86. S H

      Baby she was so shy 😭

    87. Snow

      매초가 화보네 우리 휘인이 너무 옙허♥

    88. Grampa Mirlin

      I think she should have said "No, I feel uncomfortable wearing this, let's try something else."

    89. Jho Fajardo

      Ang ganda ganda mo naman dzhai wheein!!

    90. Gladys Army

      So beautiful girl🥰❤

    91. soy yo

      whee is so cute ~

    92. grace ababan

      Wheein being super shy in a bodysuit: "I feel naked. I'm never wearing this again" Also Wheein: *topless for Singles magazine shoot Girl.

    93. Tep C


    94. robiatul asifah

      Wheein = mamamoo's baby ❎ Wheein = the whole universe's baby ✅

    95. 킹리적갓심

      휘인 진짜 넘 이쁨

    96. Steph S

      Also, I totally get Wheein's shyness cause I would be shy too, but can we just take a moment to talk about her body here? Like, she is GORGEOUS! She looks so healthy, and her legs are so sexy. She's really just rocking the body suit.

    97. Steph S

      I love how supportive RBW is. No one is scolding her for being shy or forcing her to do anything or just having her change. Instead they are just taking pictures and tell her she is doing well and offer her towels and ask her comfort level with monitoring the pictures. They let her adjust on her own and they just work around it. That is really beautiful. You can complain about companies all you want, and every business is gonna have issues, but RBW is a really good company. No other company will treat you like this.

    98. Svcs Cr

      jung wheein deserves all the praises in this world

    99. 김정연

      *_Sooooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeee_*

    100. Eggie

      Finally engsub T_T please sub Special video too :((