[Special] 휘인 (Whee In) - Butterfly (Feat. GSoul)


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    [Special] 휘인 (Whee In) - Butterfly (Feat. GSoul)

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    1. Mila Phantom

      I love her. She sings like an angel.

    2. Chilien nguyen hoang


    3. Aya Hussien

      انا احبك كثيرا❤️⁩🥰

    4. *barbs

      When I first heard the teaser of butterfly I instantly fell in love with this song. I don't know why but really when I watched the teaser trailer of this song I can't even describe how i felt and how i fell in love with this song

    5. Janny Chung

      The “fly high” riffs really sound like the elegant fluttering of a butterfly’s wings

    6. Nayara Estrella

      you just don't listen to this song you feel it

    7. Anuradha Cs

      Now it's really time to get mamamoo more famous and do world tour I love ur wheein Love from india❤❤❤

    8. Mithi Sumaiya

      All those 5 M subsribers 🙄

    9. Mithi Sumaiya

      This song is just so beautiful~♡

    10. Mithi Sumaiya

      Wheeinie ~♡

    11. Patricia L

      ok stop hurting me wheeinie

    12. Rone A


    13. Mila Phantom

      Esta canción merece más reconocimiento.

    14. Reg Delos Santos

      On paper, this is not a genre I normally listen to, but damn this is a beautiful song! The song just takes me somewhere beautiful 🧡

    15. Mila Phantom

      Ace of kpop

    16. R

      I'm just so in love with this song and this clip and this wheein

    17. lbpbts

      Omg her voice is amazing 😍

    18. MMM AL


    19. MMM AL


    20. Cecil

      When you like to sing along so hard, but dunno Korean words aside from saranghae & kamsahamnida poor me. Gosh, I just love this masterpiece.

    21. Cecil

      "I'm dying to survive" hits me

    22. Erica Tranchida


    23. Pup_inthemood

      I miss wheein already..

    24. Mila Phantom

      Honey Vocals

    25. Pailin ksl


    26. Dora Garcia

      thaks for the subs

    27. Lashley G.

      Thank you for those people subbed this masterpiece it hits even more when you understand the song

    28. Marcos Park

      We dont need special effects, only Wheein and her voice around the house is PERFECT 👌🏼

    29. NeonWords

      this song is so beautiful

    30. unknown person

      This is my most favorite b-side of REDD

    31. Mila Phantom

      Qué voz tan bella

    32. Griffith

      i love you and your music❤❤❤

    33. Elgiza R

      This is that my soul wanted right now☺ song sounds so deep and beautiful

    34. 레고레고

      이제 다른 사람의 사람이 되어버린 그 사람을 생각하며, 그 생각은 깊이를 더해가고 현실에서는 더 이상 만날 수 없는 인연이라 꿈에서라도 마주치면 그것만으로 감사했다, 그 어떤 날 너무나도 삶에 지쳐 그 사람의 품에 안기면 모든 힘듦을 다 잊을 수 있을 것만 같은 날 더 생각이나고, 더 그립다. 하지만 우리는 만날 수 없고 나는 잊을 수 없으니 꿈에서 그 사람을 찾는 것으로, 만나는 것으로 만족한다. 이런 일련의 행위들로 내가 점점 사랑에 관한 생기를, 현실감을 잃어가며 죽어가는 걸 알지만, 그 사람을 그리워하는 게 내가 살아갈 수 있는 최소한의 장치기에 I am dying to survive. 나는 살기 위해 죽어가는 중이다.

    35. Mithi Sumaiya

      English sub ~♡


      Wheein singing in her lower register kills me

    37. wei gu

      ok, this song hits different

    38. Sadness

      I don't need to die to see heaven, I've already witnessed it while listening to this song 😌

    39. Mila Phantom

      Her vocals are amazing.

    40. ctys ml

      My fave ♥️

    41. Random Moomoo

      The profound effect of this song to an imoo after the eng subs (灬º‿º灬)♡

    42. MAMAMOO is Coming Back For You

      the song is so satisfying

    43. Mila Phantom

      Es preciosa. La voz de Wheein es preciosa

    44. чуив

      I'm not cr-

      1. чуив

        wheein , wheein , wheein.

      2. чуив


    45. чуив

      wheein is the best female vocalist of all time .

    46. чуив

      this is the best bside.

    47. poliloli


    48. poliloli


    49. poliloli


    50. poliloli

      ACE OF KPOP ❤️💜🐻🙏

    51. poliloli


    52. Jade

      the pain is still the same everytime I listen to this

    53. Mila Phantom

      Come on, moos. Give more love to this song.

      1. poliloli

        Go ahead ☺️

    54. Marevic Lacuata

      She really has an amazing techniques with her vocals

    55. Cynthia Dewi

      I really love this version than original ver 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    56. ReDChUcK04

      Eoreumcheoreom chagaun naldeul Oerowojil neoreul gidaryeo Kkaeji mothal kkumsogui saebyeok Yeojeonhi neoman chatgoneun haesseo I keep on getting greedy I think I'm going crazy Nega pillyohal ttae Now that I found you Now that I found you Jameseo mot kkaeeona Negeseo mot heeona Butjabeuryeo momburimchyeodo You're still like a Butterfly Jichyeoganeun maeumeul naeryeonwa Gipeojilsurok sosimhaejyeo nan The one that got away Nae maeum deo goeropge Iyagireul kkumyeo maeilmaeil I gamjeongdeuri nal gadwo Naege majeo nal gamchwo Imi ohaega doeeosseo Nega pillyohande Now that I found you Now that I found you Jameseo mot kkaeeona Negeseo mot heeona Butjabeuryeo momburimchyeodo You're still like a Butterfly Ne kkume deigo I'm dying to survive I gieokdeureul jiul ge Fly high, fly high Fly high, fly high Fly high, fly high Now, I forget you You You're still like a Butterfly I tried to turn off my mind But I'm screaming inside like, whoo-ooh-ooh

    57. Hani Suraya Ahmad Bukhari

      an angel 🥺🥺🥺 i want to protect her

    58. Janny Chung

      Love this song so much!!! How do these sounds even come out of wheein’s mouth, she is so amazing!!

    59. part time moomoo

      Park woo sang and wheein are a lethal combination👑

      1. Hulya Cruz

        I agree!

    60. muumuu

      Her song is spring package with many story behind it. Like abaout confidence, about pet, about friendship, "hot love" d even break-up

      1. Hulya Cruz

        an album for all life's seasons

    61. Dan J

      This should have been the version on her album; more of Wee In's vocals. Sorry, but just my opinion as I prefer her voice over GSoul.

    62. Sophia Rose Muñez

      my fave from the album

    63. Gabriella Nathania

      2:30 - end 🥺💕 That part is so touching

    64. Borella

      You’re still like a butterfly wheeinah

    65. Mila Phantom

      Esta canción derrite mis sentidos.

    66. qwyny

      i love this track so much

      1. Hulya Cruz

        me too!

    67. Hulya Cruz

      i'm here again to enjoy this great song

    68. Hulya Cruz

      thank you for this great song!

    69. vix m

      tengo una obsesión con esta canción

    70. Hulya Cruz

      can't get enough of this song

      1. Dámaris López

        Me too is my favorite, listen every day almost every hour. 🦋

    71. Corrine Miles

      Aww this is so beautiful, i love you wheein

    72. wawa

      gotta cry over this more and more

    73. Aleona Seriel Buatis

      another sample where I thought this is lip syncing but it's her real voice

    74. MJ K

      헨리랑 듀엣 안될까요? 둘이 느낌이 비슷해요....이런 스타일의 노래로 듀엣하면 대박일것 같아요

    75. Pat

      This is more her style. This should've been her single instead of a pop one.

    76. Emm Sy

      The “fly high” part always gets me. It’s like their sending me up in heaven. Such an angel voice. I’m so glad to discover Mamamoo and Wheein.

    77. Emm Sy

      I still feel goosebumps all the freaking time when I listen to this 🦋

    78. González Reyes Eunice Citlalli

      ¿Qué me sucede? ¿Por qué estoy conmovida? Solo entré a escuchar mientras hago mi tarea y me tocó el corazón. Eres grande Wheein. Mucho éxito en tus proyectos, aquí estaré apoyando.

    79. Hulya Cruz

      i'm just happy knowing that Wheein and this song exist

    80. Hulya Cruz

      i keep coming back here

    81. Darlene


    82. armyluv 93


    83. yazmin s.

      Does anyone happen to know what does it say at the end where it credits the lyrics composer, etc?

    84. ykbk_2youngirls

      So so beautiful:(

    85. ykbk_2youngirls

      Honestly just give her a mic and she has so much power

    86. Antu Miranda


    87. Marevic Lacuata

      Wheein is the butterfly 🦋

    88. Diana Granados

      i just love this so much, wheein is ace of kpop

    89. dari alcala

      My favorite song

    90. dari alcala

      She can be beautiful and hansdsome at the same time

    91. dari alcala


    92. dari alcala

      Now that found you Whee in Never letting go

    93. Rihanna Skeen

      How many international fans are here

    94. blueberries

      jung wheein ur driving me mad im weak

    95. ヤムクントム


    96. Roni Al

      Now that I just found out my curtain was full of butterfly print, I'm starting to love it more. Thanks, Miss Whee In.

    97. Lucero Ortega

      Nunca me voy a cansar de escuchar está canción, desde que salió la disfruto cada momento, la armonía, la voz, los arreglos, todo es estupendo, este primer mini álbum vino con todo y una de mis favoritas es precisamente está canción. Whee In diosa, Whee In la mejor

    98. Anna Roses

      hoping for English version . Love you Whee In ,

    99. haru


    100. haru