[MMMTV7] EP4 I Draw Myself


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    [MMMTV7] EP4 I Draw Myself

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    1. Stan jung kwheein

      when she just sat on the floor and the staff just trying to convince her to wear the dress i can not with her

    2. Stan jung kwheein

      Shes so funny and pretty without even trying JUNG WHEEIN IS THE DEFINITION OF PERFECTION

    3. 민꼬

      이번 안무팀 존멋

    4. Yo_hana

      oh como amo MMMTV

    5. I don't know what to do with my life

      I want a Jung Wheein bath sponge...

    6. Asiamarie Domingo

      So cute seeing Wheein have good fun with the dancers, you can see the good chemistry and even she teases them

    7. ch


    8. jack jaki

      Thank you so much Moonbyul ❤️

    9. MultiFandomisme

      We really need JustJerk Crew for next comebacks as well...their chemistry is *just chef kiss*

    10. 경이로운승현

      휘니 기여웡,,,💚

    11. Granda Nicole

      Tan linda 💟💟

    12. Jo

      @ 14:30 the girl on the left who looks like a foreigner just whispered "she's cute" to her colleague, right? Was she referring to Moonbyul or Wheein? Lol. These chick magnets y'all.

    13. Mariah Stefanie Delgadillo Cáceres

      ¿Alguien me puede decir qué son esas bolsitas verdes que ella tiene? He visto que muchos idols suelen tenerlos y me gustaría saber qué función cumplen :/

    14. احمد عفيفي فن وهندسه

      나는 고아입니다 채널에 가입하십시오

    15. احمد عفيفي فن وهندسه

      나는 고아입니다 채널에 가입하십시오

    16. احمد عفيفي فن وهندسه

      나는 고아입니다 채널에 가입하십시오

    17. Aiu

      i can feel their exhaustion

    18. Leonie Brülisauer

      I think the dancer Team and her are fitting so good together and it seems like they had a lot of fun during the whole process despite the hard work they had💪🏻😍

    19. Aiu

      10:38 I have that same slippers with just a darker color. Wheein we're soulmate, I knew it.

    20. 이4sally9


    21. Chelsea Jung

      Wheein: "I told her not to come because I think I'm sick." Staff: "She would make you laugh if she were here though." asdkjfhas my heart

    22. Random Pop

      I love you so much Jung Wheein

    23. 너네팀엔마마무 없지ᄏ


    24. Annie Lopez

      Can we appreciate how sweet the members are to each other! Also how they support each other! Moonbyul's coffee and food truck also Hyejin wanting to come to Wheein but wheein didn't want her getting sick so Hyejin surprised Wheepup with gifts of foods!!!! Awww our Wheepup is really precious!!! Moonbyul Hamster coming to visit by surprise! My heart! Wheebyul!

    25. • Anne Army •

      I love the water color MV, and seeing the funny, fun and cute behind the scenes was really cool! I love you Wheein, congratulations on the work to deliver him, and the whole team!🎬🎨🎶✨

    26. choo choo

      the love hyejin has for wheeinie, im not a cryer but i almost cried jcsjsnan

    27. m u f f i n

      She's too precious for this world

    28. m u f f i n

      Wheein is just so pretty

    29. Ribka Mariana

      Thank you mamamoo official for posting this, so I know what Wheein feel through her MV process, and learn about her hardworking, happy to see Moonbyul came to give Wheein support and Hye Jin gave her a lot of food and flower. Mamamoo member so love each other. I love mamamoo so much ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😊😊

    30. cci

      Her interaction with byulie thoo i've ran out of uwus

    31. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


    32. CHING GAEY

      I dunno why wheein has no endorsement of her own..like a solo endorsement when she ia such an influencer... or maybe she's just shy or maybe what brands demand...hmm

    33. Jessie Lim

      Qwheein is the definition of perfection 🥰

    34. Baibu _sh

      Omggg wheein💓💙

    35. 구름

      항상 휘인언니 옆에서 따뜻하게 잘챙겨주는 스태프분들 너무 감사해요

    36. 나루

      14:30 벼리 왜이렇게 종이인간 됐어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    37. yt c

      this pup deserves everyone's love ❤

    38. 예빈1024

      휘이니이번앨법 갬성 짱...❤🥺심쿵🥰 공작새보다 휘이니가 더이뻐여❤❤❤🦚

    39. Mariam B

      Thank you for the english subs!

    40. CrossDev

      I lovd it-

    41. Kiesha Arwendale Bagorio

      can i ask where to watch studio moon night?

    42. Aiko Minami

      Moonbyul New Collab !!!!! [ # 문별 ] 범키 'The Lady' (Feat. 문별 de 마마 무) 2021.05.02 6PM (KST) LANZAMIENTO✔

    43. geekdiggy

      14:10 moonie always coming through👍

    44. geekdiggy

      the blue outfit and boots really pop against the black outfits and tan background

    45. geekdiggy

      2:17 this dancer has a really cute smile! 3:45 ok now i know her name is yoonyoung

    46. 박지선

      칭얼거리는거 ㅈㄴ 귀엽다....

    47. Ezio Apponi

      ㅋㅋㅋ 재밌는 부분이 휘인 말괄량이 같아

    48. MAMAMOO! d only gg i stan this hard

      8:40 (Teehee) 8:42 (V) my wheetae crumbs 🥺 jkk dont mind me 🥺

      1. mimaaa


    49. while

      노무들 조아하시는뎁~~~ O3O ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    50. mollymammen1953

      "Moomoos assemble "!

    51. isay

      She knows her fans so well......I NEED BLUE LOOFAH WHEEIN NOW TOO 😆😆😆

    52. 覃安静


    53. Fernanda

      She was so happy to see Byul.❤️^^ I hope that if they decide to debut as subunits we have HwaSun and WheByul.

    54. ISF P

      액휘 쏘 큩..

    55. تj ꫝꪮρꫀఌ


    56. 수현

      스텝들도 다 휜언니 귀여워하는것 같다ㅋㅋ

    57. Fatima Abd


    58. Jenifer Valle

      No se ustedes, pero yo me enamoré de la coreógrafa😍😍😍😍😆y... Le agradezco la hermosa coreografía🤗🙌👏👍

    59. V.I.P & MooMoo

      You worked hard Wheenie!!!

    60. RandomUploads LeeShiLu

      Wheein 💗 Her dimples are beautiful Peacock is so timid that makes sense cause she's so close ,I had wondered for awhile

    61. ᄒᄒ

      휘인이 휘인했다

    62. Michelle Rodriguez

      Peacock you're so lucky 😭😭😭

    63. MZ S

      I really love this dance crew

    64. hzi34

      One of my Living Source of my Sanctuary called Happiness... We're always grateful of her for giving us positive energy.. Please stay the same and don't forget that we,MOOMOOs, are just here for u thru good times and specially on bad times...

    65. C A G 0 1

      wheeinie is so charming im hypnotized throughout the whole video.

    66. Nayltm 6v6


    67. Germaine Leung

      It's also heartwarming to know that moonbyul invites guests to studio moon night in person she's so genuine

    68. Germaine Leung

      This video makes my heart fuzzy

    69. n

      WHEEIN es perfecta):

    70. n


    71. 문어

      우리 강앚휘 스탭이랑 두루두루 잘지낸다 ㅎㅎ 넘후 보기 좋다 10:55 극딜 박을 정도로 친함 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ우리 가수 착하다🤍

    72. lurker

      Everyone seems friendly... I hope mamamoo works with them too

    73. lurker

      Watercolor english version? Why does it seem like the lyrics of the watercolor eng ver that i listened to was different...

    74. elifistic


    75. Linda Wu

      Seeing Wheenie so happy and laughing is so great!! Fills my heart :,)

      1. Linda Wu

        also omg her BABY VOICE i relate so much

    76. Minyeon- Moonsun

      Wheein so cute♥️♥️

    77. M.S.A 2.0

      I’m happy to see her so energetic and she’s worked so hard, Redd turned out to be a wonderful thanks to Wheeins hard work. I’m so grateful to her Hopefully she gets plenty of rest when she can ❤️❤️❤️

    78. M.S.A 2.0

      When moonbyul came out my first thought was Hwasa watching this and just being like “bruhhhhhh tf”

    79. 꺙야

      14:07 이목소리 들으니까 나도 힘나 ㅠㅠㅠ

    80. 꺙야

      11:01 스태프 아니고 정휘인 어린이 유치원 선생님 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    81. Kio Musashi

      That WheeByul embrace gave me a thousand years of life

    82. BLACK DREAM ?


    83. BLACK DREAM ?

      So beautiful

    84. BLACK DREAM ?


    85. 橘子树利兹

      En el video se ve muy seria y muy madura pero aqui jjajaja la amo 😍

    86. Isabella Espana

      i’m a simp for wheein

    87. #지나가던 무말랭이

      휘인아 이번 활동 너의 모습도 정말 멋졌어 역시 내 아티스트양 너무 좋다!!*^^*

    88. Alice Wing

      expect when wheein got teary eyes and "aang~" words come out means she's HUNGRY (let the kid eat or we die from her cuteness)

    89. Anwar Mahasneh

      احسهم متكبرات مين بيوافقني

    90. Linh Nguyễn

      My Wheebyul heart UwU

    91. God Loves You

      just look at how different she was in mv and behind the scenes, I'm thankful they made this, wheein really resembles a kid but a hidden artist/comedian side :)

    92. Kim Rama


    93. PupWind Moo

      She's too cute to handle 🤧💕

    94. Karen sofia Quinto cuesta


    95. Bluewater Veei

      Im lowkey devastated hwasa didn't come 😭

    96. ror ror ror ror

      SO FANCY

    97. ror ror ror ror


    98. ror ror ror ror

      i love artists with great relationships with their backup dancers

    99. ror ror ror ror


    100. ror ror ror ror

      pretty thumbnail