[Special] 휘인 (Whee In) - NO THANKS


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    [Special] 휘인 (Whee In) - NO THANKS

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    1. Janny Chung

      Don’t know how to talk but her tone and how she goes from note to note is like she is letting go and letting out her emotions and the rasp in her voice is like her acknowledging the roughness of this relationship making it an important beautiful part of her song.

    2. karolain Dayana

      Una de mis canciones del album junto con Springtime. Loving it

    3. Jenn Villegas

      Wheein singing about toxic relationship

    4. lyn

      thank you wheeinie I love you and your voice

    5. Reg Delos Santos

      Thank you Wheein for blessing us with that honey vocals of yours! ❤️

    6. Katerine Huamán Alfaro



      I love her live vocals so much. I'm so thankful we have them all

    8. Dora Garcia

      thanks for the subs!

    9. ItsLiaYT



      whee in

    11. Yuzuki Chouko

      I just realized there are finally subtitles

    12. Zaib Gulfareed

      I cant stop listening to this 😍😍😍💜💜💜💜😘

    13. Random Moomoo

      I didn't know this song would hurt more with its eng subs

    14. Marjorie Dalumay

      This song became more painful after adding the English sub 😭

    15. Dewi Atha

      Wahh lirik lagunya dalam banget ya 🥲

    16. Lanalisa Kudrow

      I love your singing Whee In

    17. Janice Paik

      Melting... 녹아

    18. mooneviewowblink

      We got 5.68M subscribers but the views didn't even reach million,, where are the others? T^T

    19. mooneviewowblink

      I really love her voice and of course her,

    20. Mila Phantom

      Me he vuelto adicta a su voz

    21. Donald Liden

      I really love this song i cant understand why it doesent have millions of views💖

    22. blueberries

      im obsessed with this song lately

      1. Hulya Cruz

        you're not alone

    23. Hulya Cruz

      i'm here again to enjoy this great song

    24. MamamooStan


    25. Hulya Cruz

      i won't get tired listening to this great song

    26. nadya ganzorig

      Her beauty and talent is out of this world

    27. Hulya Cruz

      i'm just happy knowing that Wheein and this song exist

    28. Hulya Cruz

      i keep coming to this

    29. Yuzuki Chouko

      redd is the album where I would search all the songs to listen to because they are all so good

      1. Hulya Cruz

        no skip!

    30. Varen G

      When i read the lyric wowwwwww

    31. valerie seraphina

      deeply addicted. send help. 🚑

    32. Ezgi Acargür

      TURKİSH MOOMOO 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    33. Army blink ahora midzy moo moo #SaveRalph

      I love you Whee In I'm a Turkish

    34. Nayara Estrella

      don't you sometimes just feel happy and lucky that you are living in the same world with someone like wheein

    35. my babe ́ ;;

      Me alegra saber que mucha gente la apoya 😭😭😭💗💓

    36. Deborah F

      She put so much into this album

    37. Selena Limon

      Best girl

    38. Selena Limon

      Love of my life

    39. Selena Limon

      Our beautiful wheein

    40. Selena Limon

      Wheein has a voice of an angel

    41. Selena Limon

      I am addicted to her voice

    42. Selena Limon

      How can someone be so beautiful

    43. Selena Limon

      Stan wheein for a better life

    44. Selena Limon

      Wheein is the best!

    45. bany O


    46. Juana Bravo

      Las amo mucho desde México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    47. Jessica Duran

      You are queen

    48. Fidan Osmanli

      İ love you Whee in it's my bias in Whee in Aze Moomoo ❤️

    49. Nine-Ja TeeVee

      Hi..uaena here..for day 2..

    50. Davina Detya Nurhamidah

      hello, UAENA it's here

    51. Starry Night

      Honey voice~~~ ♡

    52. point

      noOo it didn't notify me until today :((

      1. Ichiko980

        This is so sus. I keep seeing comments like yours no notifs or late notif. @youtube you suck

    53. HanJi_ ho

      The start got me in chills-- she has such an angelic voice

    54. Mila Phantom

      Wheein nos ha regalado tanto en este álbum.

    55. Sthefany Monasterio

      esta canción es bellaaaaaaaaaaaa (> _

    56. Ronna Faye Mahinay


    57. Jam bik


    58. bea saraiva

      Wheein is giving me everything

    59. Jungkook


    60. re gila


    61. Kim T

      wheein's angelic voice

    62. Kim T

      wheein ace of kpop

    63. Stan jung kwheein

      Wheein stans never felt so spoiled like this before I feel like im in heaven

    64. munmoonie

      jung wheein 😊

    65. Jessie Lim

      I LOVE this song 🥰

    66. Diana Bravo

      Sea lo que dice cada una de tus letras, en cada una, tu voz me trasmite paz

    67. Ce Ra


    68. mo_onrise

      No Thanks is such a chill song, I love it

    69. raffy

      me: wow wheein fighting so hard in my head to be my bias also me: [changes bias every cb] this is what happens when u have individually talented and amazing members in a group

    70. Asande Msimango

      This has to be my favourite song in the whole album ❤️😭😩🤯

    71. Atefeh Abbasi

      A lady in black So pretty

    72. nina lee

      Only Jung Wheein can hug you through music.

    73. Heidi Dlr

      This is hypnoticizinglyyy good and perfect.

    74. Gladys Army

      Oh so beautiful voice🥰😍

    75. No Name


    76. Marina Saad

      I just realized she performed this songs at one of 4 seasons solo stage 2 or 3 years ago ..wow

    77. doubleb _

      this is my favourite song of the album, thank you wheein ♡

      1. Mangoma Noko

        Me too I just close my eyes and let her honey voice drip when I listen to it

    78. Duda -

      I just wanna say how much i love you, thanks for everything💕💖

    79. D E

      Whee in love you sooo much💖

    80. mainsuka main

      This is my favorite b-side of redd 💞

    81. Dany Vanta

      Thank you so much for all Wheein!!

    82. Ingrid Bisconsin

      mulher da minha vida

    83. nanda

      THE BEST

    84. 邱瑞恩

      노래 좋아요 사람 좋아해요 🥰😍

    85. Dian priscil

      Her vocal are absolute top tier

    86. zed.k.


    87. Deo john Domine

      *ace of kpop wheein, fight me*

    88. Kpop.is.my.everything

      My grandma trought that she is 16 years old by her voice💀💀

      1. Anais n

        @Kpop.is.my.everything jaja thank you, always ready to defend Mamamoo 💪

      2. Kpop.is.my.everything

        @Anais n Btw I like how protective you are towards your artists😃

      3. Anais n

        @Kpop.is.my.everything Ok, non offense taken, I just thought you were troll or a hater

      4. Kpop.is.my.everything

        @Anais n I just commented it multiple times bc I was bored and sorry if I made you angry cause of that, I didn't mean to make it sound like I'm critising her but it seems like it came out like that. I really like her voice and I've been listening to her for long hours, I didn't mean to offend her. Sorry again❤

      5. Anais n

        What's with the shade? Saw you made the same comment in another of her videos. Is it really necessary? Her voice doesn't sound childish at all... Mamamoo has very mature voices and Wheein's just higher

    89. Dana Mang

      Makes me love this b track so much!!

    90. Litzahayatl Camarillo Borja

      WHEEIN es vida y amor ❤️🦋✨

    91. Mila Phantom

      Wheein es talento puro

    92. Hulya Cruz

      You did great, Wheein!

    93. Fav

      This is my favorite track on the album, it’s insanely good.

    94. Melissa

      Wheein take all my money 😭😭😭😭

    95. Rowan Sunbreaker

      love love LOVE These live versions!!


      So in love with all these live clips

    97. ggomo’s fan

      i will never get tired hearing her voice

      1. Hulya Cruz

        me too!

    98. bia

      She sings like an angel 💗

    99. bia

      She singing looks like an angel ❣️

    100. bia

      She has one of the most beautiful voices in kpop ❣️

      1. Mila Phantom

        So true!

      2. Hulya Cruz